Felicitation For The Students In The Street Play

DSC04705   Department of Social Work organized the felicitation programme for the street play, conducted for generating awareness on Disaster Risk Reduction as part of International day for Disaster Risk Reduction by Kerala State Disaster Management Authority. Mr. Nisanth .M (Field Work Coordinator) delivered the welcome speech and Mr. V.S.Kochukrishna Kurup delivered the presidential address with his inspiring words and appreciated the students efforts. He also mentioned about the dedication and hardworking of students .Mr.Rajeev.M.M delivered the key note address. He talked about the relevance and importance of street play among youngsters in current generation.

Mr.Ranjith Kavumkara (lecturer) also shared his feelings and moments that he experienced with students during street play .He recollect the olden day’s memories of his college days. He also   added the importance of street play .With the appreciation he winded up his greetings   .DSC04715

Coordinators of the street play Mr. V.S.Kochukrishna Kurup and Mr.Rajeev.M.M and faculty members Mr.Ranjith K, Mr. Nisanth.M and Ms.Veena Suresh awarded the cash prize of Rs.1000 to all the participants Ms.Parvathy.V Mr. Vishnu.K.Santhosh, Mr. Anoop .P. Joseph, Mr. Joby, Mr. Sreejith, Ms. Athira, Ms. Arya Gopinath, Ms.Supriya K Rajappan, Ms. Anusree, Ms. Winnie Elzabeth Johnson on behalf of Kerala State Disaster Management Authority.

Few of the participants shared their experience during street play .They also pointed out that it helps them both professionally and personally. They also thanked the coordinators for giving the moral support. Ms.Veena Suresh (lecturer) also delivered the vote of DSC04703thanks.

Report by: Jasmin R Pereira

Edited by: Anitha s

Photo by: Bibin S Babu


World Social Work Day at Amrita

The department of social work has observed world social work day on 19th March, 2013 under the banner of ASWAS. A competition called Social engineering was the highlight of the day. The programme was meant for non-social work students of the university to generate awareness on Professional Social Work among them. The competition was judged by Dr.Renjith.R. pillai (Asst. Professor and chairpersoopn, Dept. of Social Work), Dr.Rajeev.M.M(Vice Chairperson, Department of Social Work), Sri.Ranjith Kavumkara (Lecturer, dept. of social work), Ms.Arathy Aravind (S4 MSW Student) and Lekshmi Vimala (Students, S4 MSW). Continue reading

Role Play & Essay Competition

 As part of observation of “World Day of Social Justice” (20th Feb), ASWAS conducted a Role play and Essay competition on the topic “Social Justice” on 19th February 2013.The event was organized in the presence and support of faculties Mr.VS.Kochukrishna Kurup and Mr.Rajeev M.M. The event was moderated by Ms.Jasmin R Pereira. Two groups selected from the students were enacted role play on Social Justice, showcasing the major critical problems of today’s world. First group focused on the issues like poverty, caste discrimination, illiteracy, misuse of political and money power in a government office setting and the second group


on land mafia issues, violence against women and corruption through a set of scenes like strike, Journalist’s investigation and government office setting. Both the groups performed well with their effective scripts helping the audience to contemplate.




Essay Competition contestants:

Arya Gopinath, Athira Dattan,


Jessica J John, Supriya K.Rajappan, Joby T Lal.

Role Play:

1st Group:

Jasmin R Pereira, Praveen, Midhun.M, Sreejith Lal, Steffy Bosco, Shalini.

2nd Group:

Winnie Elizabeth Johnson, Anas.R, Bibin S Babu, Anusree.R, Nithin Sajeev.M.

Faculties Mr.VS.Kochukrishna kurup and Mr.Rajeev M.M. shared their views and suggestions and commented on the overall performance of the students at the end of the programme. They said Role Play is all about bringing in the reality and that particular ‘ability’ to express the reality, enabling others to rethink – is the essence of the show. They said such platforms are chances to show one’s talents and improve themselves and so students should take up the opportunities and excel in varied colours.

They appreciated the attempt and commented that everyone was conscious enough to act out their adopted role well though some meagre part was not conveyed well due to lack of explanation. They also appreciated the very slightest movements involved in the journalist’s investigation which conveyed the basic ethics of mass media and communication which our real media often market today. It was also mentioned that 1st Group’s presentation was a straight performance while the 2nd


Group was an indirect one. Another suggestion was to focus on one issue at a time rather than multiple issues which would give a more clear idea or concept of the theme instead of touching several aspects of many issues. The session ended up well attaining its goal to create a thought of realization among the members present about the importance of Social Justice.

Essay competition Results will be announced soon and the best essay will be given cash prize as a token of appreciation and will also be published in college magazine and Dishaa.



Report: Midhun

Photos: Sreejith & Bibin


Film Screening by AMC

 As part of observing World Cancer Day (4th Feb), ASWAS movie club conducted a film show on 5th February 2013 screening the movie “The Bucket List”. The movie conveys the story of two terminally ill men, who escapes from cancer ward and head off on a road trip with a wish list of to-dos before they kick the bucket ultimately finding the joy in life. The programme began with a brief Introduction to the movie by Ms Anusree.R (AMC assistant coordinator) at 2.30pm. Thereby a glimpse of the American dramedy film of two cancer patients, Mr. Edward Cole, a corporate billionaire and working class mechanic Mr.Carter Chamber who were surviving with lung cancer, directed by Rob Reiner and written by   Justic Zackhem was given to the students. The movie was screened for about 1 hr 30 mins. The social work trainees calmly enjoyed the movie and grasped the message behind the film. Though the planned group discussion session which followed the movie was cut short due to shortage of time, the aim of screening sighed to be fruitful. Mr.Kochu Krishna Kurup (Faculty) shared some of his experiences and views on how cancer is faced in today’s social aspect and its social stigma etc  and urged the students to learn more on the topic understanding the social workers role and its relevance focusing on present available medical technologies and financial support today. Student representatives Anas, Bibin, Vishnu.S, Winnie, Mithun and other students Deepak.S and Joby also shared their views and personal experiences. The healthy critical comments jotted down messages like

  • the positive attitude towards life without bothering any disease
  • the motivation of many survived celebrities and others, creating a wave of confidence
  • importance and role of Palliative care
  • role and support of family and friends

The Session was concluded by Ms.Anusree at 4.30 pm stating that ‘being Social workers, lets open our eyes and lend our hands and care realizing the responsibilities towards society and cancer patients’.

Report by: Anushree

Photo: Bibin S Babu100_2915100_2937

100_2938 100_2934


Department of social work observed the world cancer day on 4th February 2013

The world cancer day was observed in the Amritapuri campus by the Amrita Social Workers Association (ASWAS). The day was observed with by wearing of pink ribbon to the students of the campus. The pink ribbon represents cancer awareness. The students of the department of social work presented charts with a view of giving awareness and knowledge about cancer. Students fixed pink ribbon and also were enthusiastic about knowing new things about cancer. The students and faculties of the department of social work actively participated in the program.

The programme was inaugurated by the senior lecturer Department of Social Work Mr. V.S Kochu Krishna Kurup. The chairman of the department of social work Dr. Renjith.R. Pillai , Mr.Rajeev M.M, Nishanth and Veena  was also in the forefront of the program and made it a big success. Awareness was given to the students about various aspects of cancer such as its symptoms, causes etc. with the help of the charts that was displayed there. The students who attended the program put their signature to express their support in the fight against cancer.

Report: Vishnu S

Photo: Bibin S Babu

photographs of the programme:

DSC00248 DSC00243 DSC00238DSC00241 DSC00234 DSC00235 DSC00236  DSC00233 DSC00231


Role play on impact of social networking sites among youth

As a part of ASWAS programme role play was conducted in the department on 29th January, 2013.. The topic of role play was ‘Impact of Social Networking Sites among Youth’. Faculties Mr.Ranjith Kavumkara, Mr.Nishanth M and Ms.Veena Suresh were present. The moderator of the programme was Ms.Shilpa.

The programme started on 2:40 pm. Ms Shilpa gave an introduction about the topic. Then all the members i.e. second and fourth year MSW students were divided into five groups which was already created. Thirty minutes were provided for discussion and script making. After thirty minutes each group performed. The time allowed for each group was ten minutes. Almost all members of each groups participated in th   e play. All the groupstry to convey both positive and negative part of social networking sites.  IMG_3811

Now a day social networking sites have become an unavoidable factor, especially for youths. Sites like Gmail,Facebook,YouTube, eBay, Google+ etc.As its name shows it create a network among the people living in different parts of the world .Helps people in transferring messages and datas, maintain good relationship with friends and relatives who are at faraway places, could buy a thing without going to shop ,could watch and share videos etc. These all could be done within the home. Relationships through such sites help business people to improve and to grow their business enterprises. Every sectors of the society are dependent on this. Through this people could save both money and time. People are more aware about the issues happening in the society. And they are more updated about the current world. These are positives put forward by the teams.

The negatives conveyed by them were mostly based on how people are using such sitesNow a days youth are addicted to sites like Facebook. They are wasting there their time in front of such sites only for chatting with someone. Its influence makes many changes in their life style and behaviour. They are not concerning about their health or duties, they hesitate even to take food because their time to spend in such sites will be reduced. While making new friends they are losing their family. There are many victims of cheating through such sites. Photos of girls are misused in a huge amount. It will badly affect them physically and psychologically. Their concentration in their studies and job will be lost. Many fake news spreading through such sites is misleading people.

The teams try to convey the fact that it is the attitude of the people who use social networking sites, make it bad. The users have to follow the rules and regulations recommendedby such sites.If one could manage such sites usefully then the opportunities in them are very large. Those who use such sites must be aware of the dos and don’ts of using such sites and they could con  trol the use. Entertainment is good but spending all the time for that forgetting one’s own duty make such sites bad.

All the teams tried their best to convey their ideas. SoIMG_3809me of the teams tried to add fun in their play. It was a good experience for all. At the end faculty Mr.Ranjith Kavumkara concluded the session by evaluating the performances. He suggested in improving the performance of some and to add more aspects. The programme ended on 4:40 pm

Report By: Arya Gopinath

Photo: Arathi Aravind

Discussion on “Atrocities against Women”

On behalf of ASWAS programme committee an open discussion on the topic Atrocities against women has been conducted on 22/01/2013 at 10.15am.  Screening of the movie ‘Ozhimuri’ also has been done before the discussion.  The programme has been conducted in the light of the Delhi rape case held. Mr.kochu Krishna Kurup (Lecturer, Dept of Social Work) and Ms. Veena Suresh were present. The moderator of discussion was Ms. Arathy Aravind.

The movie ‘Ozhimuri’ mainly focuses on women of three generations .In the first generation, family is mainly women centric that is ultimate decision making power was enjoyed by women. In the 2nd generation family is men centric and women didn’t have any voice at that time. The 3rd generation , women is more educated and empowered ; and were demanding equal power as well.

For the discussion the students were divided into 5 different groups and students were asked to discuss the issue in their group. Then an open discussion on the topic ‘Atrocities against women ‘was held. The main area focused were the reasons behind atrocities against women. The persons or factors responsible for rape and the solutions were also discussed. The opinions highlighted in the discussion were both men and women are responsible for the present scenario. They should be aware of their responsibilities and know about their values. More morals and values should be inculcated into each of our lives. People are following western culture and media is also responsible for this. Alcoholism and drug abuse are the one of the main causes of rape. Rape cases are mostly seen in urban areas than in rural due to the difference in life style and culture.


Some of the solutions are stereotyping should be avoided. Family should function with a team spirit. It should function under an egalitarian concept. The country should implement new and most severe punishment than capital punishment. There should be a fear of law among the people. Counselling should be provided at the school level. The character of the child should be moulded from the family itself and educate children moral values. Age categorisation should be avoided based on the severity of the crime.


Report by : Supriya K Rajappan

DTP: Bibin S Babu

Photos: Bibin S Babu