AServe Internship at Wayanad

Amma has said that villages are India’s foundation – its life-force-and that it is society’s responsibility to take care of them. M.A Math launched the adoption of 101 villages, throughout India, with the aim of helping them become self-reliant and thriving.Under Amrita University’s programme, Amrita Social Work students ,Amritapuri Campus again had the unique opportunity to participate in internship program arranged by Aserve.
12068409_927819647311261_6770629468447962661_o 11222723_927819613977931_5045794928587577557_o12186277_927819513977941_6748517844420965229_o 10988429_927819690644590_3067833973556919111_o12189341_927819150644644_4727337782769736813_o Tablet Education at Vallaramkunnu  12186849_927819327311293_4559168449494187537_o


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