An Open Canvas

Department of social work Amritha Vishwa Vidhyapeetham , Amritapuri Mswand Quilon Social Service Society, Kollam jointly organized the world cancer day campaign at St Aloysius Higher Secondary School , Kollam .The campaign was inaugurated by FR.BINU THOMAS Associate Director of Quilon Social Service Society .S2 MSW students (Mr Amal Bhaskar .Ms Huda Basha ,Ms Deepthy.T) from Amritha Vishwa Vidhyapeetham they organize an awareness campaign against the stigmatization of cancer in our current society in the form of AN OPEN CANVAS concept. The students collect messages and signatures from the public, all the teachers and the student representatives are being the part of this campaign and the trainees take class for the school students about world cancer day around 150 students are presented in the class. Then the trainees organize group activity among the training students of quilon social service society, In the form of chart making and explanation of chart based on cancer day awareness campaign.



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