OrthoMedical Camp at Old age home Kollam

It’s no secret that our bodies change as we age. .Obviously, the higher life expectancy brings with it, not only a changing pattern in diseases which may be labelled “old-age diseases”, but the increasing need for total ‘care of the aged in our community raises, besides health care, various economic, social, psychological and community related issues. The orthopaedic problems related to longevity and an ageing population are closely tied up with problem.

On 12-10-14, Social Work students of Amrita viswa Vidyapeedam, Amritapuri Campus in collaboration with P.N.N.M hospital, Kollam hosted an Orthomedical camp at Govt. Old age home Kollam as a part of our community organisation program.Chief guest of our event was Smt. Beena Babu ( Panchayath president), in the presence of ward member Smt. Saraswathiamma , Dr. Anil Kumar & students of Amrita college ( Amal Bhasker, Shyam Prakash & aswathy A ) The camp started with a welcome come address by Mr. Amal Bhasker ( Msw Student ). Then we invited our beloved Panchayath president Smt. Beena babu to deliver the presidential address of the event. After that we invited Dr. Anil Kumar to inaugurate our event with a felicitation speech and the official inauguration concluded with the vote of thanks from Aswathy.A (Msw student). After the inauguration by 10:30 Am we started our camp. We invited each of the inmates for the health check up and the camp end up by 1:30 Pm.


Through his programme we were able to learn their physical health conditions and their illness. By conducting this event we were able to bring an awareness to the inmates that they require further more treatment after the check up. As a part of our Social work fieldwork, it was a privilege that we were able to give service to them .The programme was a success with the help of lord almighty and with the tireless help & support from faculty Vivek and other faculty’s of our department and a special thanks to our dept. head Dr.Rajeev.

Report : Shyam


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