First meeting of ASWAS 2014 – 2015

First meeting of ASWAS( Students association) 2014 was conducted on 5/8/2014 at department of Social Work . The whole session was started with presentation of last year activities by second year student Tinkly Emily Terrance . After that , the programme was lead by Mr. VS kochuKrishna Kurup , Chief mentor of ASWAS by reading the by-law of the ASWAS association. This is a brief introduction of the ASWAS association to make every activities clearly explained for the new batch.

Every year this meeting was held to select new active members for the ASWAS general body . The committee was leaded by Nisanth M , Faculty coordinator ,ASWAS . The new committee was selected voluntarily and the list is given below



Akhil Sadashivan                              S 3  MSW Student – President

Keerthana Rajeev                            S1 MSW Student – Vice President 

Dipin Raj                                              S 3 MSW Student – Secretary

Parvathy Vijayan                              S1 MSW Student – Join secretary

Prem Krishna                                     S1 MSW Student- Treasurer


Executive Members

Athira M                                              S3 MSW Student

Nimmy PV                                           S3 MSW Student

Jithin Thampi                                     S3 MSW Student

Shyam Prakash                                 S1 MSW Student

Deepthi T                                            S1 MSW Student


The Department is looking forward for a better ASWAS year with the newly selected team .The meeting was concluded by the vote of thanks given by Akhil Sadashivan ( President ASWAS )


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