Medical Camp at Old age home , Kollam

In the modern world, old age home have emerged as an unavoidable necessity. Oldage people needs special care and attention so the number of  oldage home are increasing day by day. As a part of field work social work trainees of Amritha Viswa vidyapeetham amrithapuri campus assigned to do their field work in govt. oldage home kollam. And the trainees done a survey on whole inmates. By collecting data from the survey, the trainees analysis that majority of the inmates were having illness and affecting some diseases. So inorder to rehabilitating them the trainees observed the needs of a medical camp. For conducting the medical camp the trainees approach nairs hospital kollam  and got approved. And the  camp was jointly coordinated by matha amritanadhamayi seva samithi (MASS)


                                               Medical camp team at old age home 

 Trainees conducted a two day medical camp on 19th &20th march. There was  an inagrual function and the programe started with a prayer by the inmates. The welcome address done by the field work trainee Mr. Arjun M. Nair. Then the camp lighten by the reputed guests Dr P. Mohan nair (director), Dr. Chandrashekhara warrier (DGM), Mr. Rajesh (Administrative officer)  Mr. Krisha Prasad (member of MASS) , Mr.Vivek .S and Ms.Veena Suresh( faculties, amritha viswa vidyapeetham) The inagmal address forward by Dr. Mohan nair. Then it followed by the key note address done by Mr.Vivek s. The function was conducted with a vote of thanks by Mr. Emmanuel (Field work trainee, Amritha viswa vidyapeetham)

  After the inaugural function the camp was started. Most probabely all of the inmates were attend the camp. And also they prescribe medicine and provide it to them. The camp was entirely successful by the help and cooperation of trainees and staffs


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