Handicraft Training at Govt. Old age Home, Kollam

Group activities can be a therapeutic recreation for elderly people. Such activities can be adjusted to fit the needs and abilities of old aged providing them recreation as well as a source for income. Aiming on this the social work trainees Nimmy P V ,Jithin T, Tinky Emily Terrance were organized a two days handicraft training for the inmates of Govt.oldage home,kollam  on 21/11/13 and  23/11/13 in order to start a handicrafts unit there.

       The program was started by 10.30 am and was presided over by Mr.Jithin T.The inauguration of handicraft unit and training program was done by old age home superintendent Mr. C Chandramohan Nair .Social work trainee Ms.Nimmy welcomed the guests and inmates to the function. In his inaugural speech superintend emphasized on the importance of keeping the members active and creative as an escape from their loneliness. Felicitations were given by the management committee members. The vote of thanks was delivered by Ms.Tinky.


                  The training program was started by 11.30 am. The inmates were got training from Ms.Mubeena, an experienced handicrafts trainer. The training program was started with fifteen inmates of old age home selected by the social work trainees. The staffs also joined the program to help the inmates. 

The trainer started the program by giving small introduction to the inmates, explained how the program would benefit them. The trainer started with simple crafts for them.

On the first day the inmates got training for making different kinds of flowers. They got  familiarized with different craft materials and use of tools. They really had the curiosity to learn and practice. Though they were learning slowly they were able to follow even minute steps of crafts making.

    They tried with newspapers first for learning and then gradually started doing with the colorful materials. They were showing their works to others members with great happiness. The training program was visited by many sponsors came there and offered their help for further functioning of the handicraft unit.

     By taking two days they learnt making of different flowers. The first day training was kind of difficult to the inmates as they just started learning. But they overcome it with the willingness and power of their minds. By the second day they become enough confident about making crafts and started discussion about the handicraft unit.

Training for making bouquets were given to the inmates on the second day. They did it well as the task was to arrange the flowers made by them into a particular design. They made flower vases, bouquets and showed them to the others inmates of old age home which reflected the confidence and happiness they got. They ignored their health limitations. The members told like making crafts brought them together and helped them to have a sense of unity. The Superintend and staffs appreciated members and the trainees for their successful effort.

    By concluding the program social work trainees thanked the agency and members for their support on behalf Department of social work, Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham, Amritapuri.


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