Field Visit at AID IN NEED Project

The MSW trainees visited AID IN NEED PROJECT near Azheekal organised by Department of Social work and also visited a day care for mentally disabled people named as THEERAM. SATHGAMAYA  is one of the project of aid in need and this is mainly focused on stitching unit consists of 10 members. The unit was started in the year of 2012, October . The MSW trainees interacted with the members of SATHGAMAYA team



     THEERAM is one of the day care unit of INDIA CENTRE FOR SOCIAL CHANGE (ICSC) from Kottayam. There are 16 members with no age limits and 4 staffs. 3 staffs for cooking as well for taking care of them all and one proper trainee for training them. All the functions of the unit is under the main unit from Kottayam. They also provide food and other facilities for the centre without any fees from the inmates. All the services for the inmates are totally free. People celebrate the birthdays, anniversaries with the inmates by providing food and other help as sponsorship. Based on the interest of the inmates they provide training for different activities like embroidery, craft making, painting, ornament making etc but these all not sold in the public.



One thought on “Field Visit at AID IN NEED Project

  1. Hi, I believe you might have had good discussions and observation, please do include more details about the projects you have visited may be in the reports you are planning to upload next. It would be great if you can look at question like; ‘why have they started’ ‘what are the activities’ ‘how do they sustain’ ‘what are the challenges’ what are their opportunities’ etc. there are many more questions like these to be understood and reflected upon, finding all these will definitely help in better understanding. Good effort, keep learning. thank you.

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