The Department of Social Work organized a “Street Theatre” workshop on 15th & 16th of November 2013, Mr.Aneesh P T. was the resource person. Mr.V.S.Kochukrishna Kurup (Senior Faculty & Coordinator of the Workshop) delivered the welcome Address. The purpose of the program was to provide Social Work Students, training in the basic techniques of street theatre, thereby equipping them to communicate with the people effectively through this  medium.

The program started at 2.00 pm on 15th November’13. It was inaugurated by Mr. Aneesh P.T, an expert in the field of Theatre Arts and Street play. The program started with a mirthful action song followed by a mirror Game where students imitated their partner’s action to imply reflection. The idea behind the game was empathy. The next activity was ‘sculpture making’.

The trainees modeled to the imagination of their respective partners as sculpts. The motive was to develop an outlook into the social issues. The next activity was sound, rhythm and movement, the trainees were supposed to produce sounds with rhythm. The trainees were divided into two groups in order to play a drama of their choice. Two groups took two socially relevant topics and presented it as a small drama.

The second day (16th November’13,) of workshop started with “Power passing game”. The game was all about gaining power and transferring the same to fellow human beings with no more or less of the effect. Through this game the trainees understood the importance of sharing, give & take, tolerance, strength of support system in life as a social being.

Image      Image

The next activity was sound, rhythm, movement with space. It was an activity, where trainees were expected to produce sounds while walking with a rhythm, maintaining a specific distance among one another. The activity stimulated every trainee to realize the determination each one had in the group to work as a team. The moral and mental support expected in a community despite the gender conflicts was learnt. It proved that even difficult tasks can be achieved through group power.

Letter making was the next activity given to trainees. A leader from the group was selected and told to make the shape of an alphabet by arranging the trainees in specific manner .Every member got the chance to lead the group to make alphabets .It was a demonstration of good leadership skills with minimum effort.

The next session of the day was mime. According to the instructions from the trainer both individual and group mime was performed. The session helped the trainees to identify their own talents and skills enabling them to showcase it in public without stage fear instilling confidence.

The Afternoon session focused on the making and delivery of street play. Initially trainees were divided into two groups to make up a street play of their choice on any social issue. The basics which form the substance of street play were taught later. The significance of body language, attitude, verbal clarity, emotions emphasized, enabled each one of them to add to the performance. At the end of the day trainees were asked to re-present the same bringing in the necessary changes in order to brush up their creativity.

The training was winded up by 4.30 pm. Mr. Rajeev.M.M (Head of the Department) delivered the “vote of thanks” on behalf of the Department and the University. Mr.V.S.Kochukrishna Kurup also expressed his token of gratitude to Mr.Aneesh P.T. on behalf of Department of social work.

Report by :Tinky Emily Terrance


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