WOMEN & LEGAL RIGHTS – A legal rights awareness programme for women in Mahila Mandir, Karikode.

By aiming to strengthen the capacity, skills and knowledge of women and girls, as well as allow them to grow in confidence, the field work trainees of Mahila mandir, karikode Ms. Anjaly Mohan, Ms. Gopika Mohan and Ms. Parvathy conducted a half day awareness programme on women’s legal rights called “Women n Legal Rights” as a part of their concurrent field work at the institution on 23/10/2013.

The programme got perfectly started with all its formalities. Ms. Lathika (superintendent, Mahila mandir) chaired the event, were Ms. Ramya Gopalakrishnan(Advocate,Dist.court,TVM and Jakritha samathi) inaugurated and took  class on the Rights and Resources for women in our country. Ms. Sheeja and Ms. Rejeena( matrons, Mahila mandir) also took part in the programme.



We know that in order to protect women from injustice, they must be aware of the laws protecting their rights and the community resources available for advocating and securing them because women are often subjected to rape and other forms of physical and emotional abuse during conflicts. Women & Legal Rights helped the women learn what the law states and the actual practices in our  country , and the ways in which the legal system can protect women and girl children.


The class and discussion thereafter enhanced them about their legal understanding about of marriage, dowry, divorce, child custody, domestic violence and rape, ownership, inheritance and the control of assets. The session also covered points like Right to Education and Right to Information, procedure to file case, punishments and penalties for various issues like suicide attempt, abuse and harassments, and Governments legal help centers : vanitha cell, Jakritha Samathi etc…


Soon after the first session, inmates who were the active participants of the programme raised themselves with their doubts to get cleared and clarified. Avd. Ramya Goplalakrishanan keenly proceeded their queries and advocated them with legal solutions.

Thus “Women n Legal Rights”, an awareness programme on women’s legal rights, efficiently and effectively got winded up by 2pm. Ms. Gopika Mohan extended her sincere gratitude towards each and everyone on behalf of the MSW Dept, Amritapuri and field work trainees for making the programme a grand success.


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