“Mental Health Care Bill 2012”.

Department Programme of 26

“Mental Health Care Bill 2012”.

Dr. Renjith R Pillai, chairperson of the seminar gave an introduction to the topic, followed by the presentation and discussion of Ms.Supriya K Rajappan and Ms.Athira Dattan of S3 MSW. Functioning of Mental Health Care Centres In India and the Mental Health Act 1987 and various provisions in the bill were particularly discussed. On a global rate 13% of the people are affected with mental illness and in india 1% of the population is said to have mental illness. The aim of the disability laws in India was to bring them in compliance with UNCRPD which came into force in 2008.During the first session “Mental Health Care Bill 2012” and its categories like Rights of persons with mental illness and draw back of mental health act 1987 was presented by Ms. Supriya K Rajappan. The other related topics of discussions were

ß Duties of appropriate government

ß Central mental health authority

ß State mental health authority

ß Accepted medical standards for the treatment of mental illness.

ß Need for Advance Directive

ß Importance of nominated representatives

July 2013, started at 3:15pm, Seminar topic of the day was Second part of the presentation was done by Ms.Athira Dattan on the topic related to the Mental Health Care Bill and the Finance, Accounts and Audits .The highlighted points were –

ß Mental health care Establishments

ß Mental Health Review Commission

ß Admission Treatment And Discharge

ß Restriction to Discharge


At 4:00 pm the next session of clarifying doubts began, Mr.V.S.Kochu Krishna Kurup asked  Does a psychiatric social worker play any role according to the bill and Mr. Rajeev MM asked whether the bill satisfies the necessities of mentally ill people regarding infrastructure and other facilities. He also asked for institutions coming up if any, regarding the development side. Clarification stating the man power development and better infrastructure and Government support for mental health institutions were explained. Mr.Nishanth raised a question on ‘taking photographs of mentally affected people’, whether it is with the consent of the patient or some other responsible persons and if so, how about the privacy/violations of law. The explanation  given was that they are mentally affected patients but still it is their own right to give permission or not. The cases where privacy is not taken may lead to punishable circumstances. Ms.Anusree asked the provisions for interventions in community health care centre. The answer was that such facilities were less adapted. Ms Jessica questioned about the drawbacks of Mental Health Act 1987, whether it has overcome by 2012 bill or not.  Ms.Jasmin asked about the role of PHC and CHC in the bill and they answered explaining the integrated self care centre to general health care services. Mr.Bibin asked how can we enforce the rights of the persons with respect to their legal capacity. It was pointed out that every person has the dignity to live. With improvement in safe and hygienic practices and leisure activities without discrimination, they have the right to ensure the law provided by the state.


Feedback was given by – Mr.Rajeev M.M. He critically analyzed the whole presentation and suggested to add reference, experts commands etc

The session was concluded by Chairperson Ms.Renjith R Pillai. He said it is also our social responsibility to take care of the Mentally Ill persons protecting their self and well being.

Reported by: Nidhin Sajeev M


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