Essentials in Professional Social Work


The Department of Social Work, Amritapuri campus organized a one day workshop – “Essentials in Professional Social Work” for the first year MSW Students on 26th July 2013. The workshop agenda was planned for a full day training starting from 9.30 am onwards. The programme was officially inaugurated by Mr.Rajeev.M.M (Vice Chairperson, Department of Social Work followed by his inaugural address. He addressed the new batch and mentioned the aims and objectives of the workshop. He officially welcomed all the first years to the Department of Social Work and handed over the programme to Dr.Renjith.R.Pillai. Initially a questionnaire related to Essentials in professional social work was given to the students followed by an activity named Balloon Game which highlighted the aims and objectives of social work profession. After that the students were grouped into different groups and tasks like free listing and trust game was conducted to emphasise the importance of team work.


During the next session, Students were made to perform Role plays in different communicative styles (aggressive, assertive and passive) in order to highlight the importance of the effective communication. They were also made to participate in a small group discussion and presentation which included a case vignette to understand healthy study habits.


Afternoon sessions highlighted the significance of effective time management and social responsibilities. Games and discussions were conducted to introduce the concept of empathy, effective stress management and grasp the relevance of social support in stressful situation. The workshop was concluded by Mr.V.S.Kochu Krishna Kurup with the basics of Yoga practice and its importance in life. The programme got winded up by 3 pm hoping to bring in a big change in upcoming professionals.


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