Workshop on “THE POWERPOINT” held on 12/07/2013

The Department of Social Work organized a one day workshop titled “The Power Point” on 12th July 2013. The Session was inaugurated by Mr.Rajeev.M.M, (Vice Chairperson, Department of Social Work) and handled by Mr. Ranjith Kavumkara (Faculty).

The primary objective of the workshop was to enhance the presentation skills of the students. As the workshop logo suggests –


In other words Mr. Ranjith Kavumkara said that “Failing to prepare is nothing but preparing to fail.” He asked the students to get to know about their Content, Audience, and Presentation before presenting the presentation. Several techniques and methods to make a good presentation were discussed during the session. Tips on preparation of slides and presentation methods were also conferred.

The students comprehended a lot of Information during the course of workshop. The content of the workshop were as follows. .

  • While presenting one should be conscious enough to use 1 – 2 slides per minute.

  • Keywords or points (rather than full long sentences/ paragraphs) can be used.

  • Things to be careful are font, colour, background, layout, errors and animation.

  • To highlight the main point and secondary point in different sizes.

  • Avoid different font sizes / capitalization of each word in a sentence or bold fonts.

  • Check to make the font colour and background colour in contrast always.

  • The slides can be bulleted and matter should not be overcrowded.

  • Pictures and videos can also be used to explain when necessary.

The discussion also highlighted the importance of tone of voice (without rush) and posture. He said usage of properties like Whiteboards, posters or other objects can also help a presentation do better. Several tasks like facing the fears, dealing with questions and interruptions, time management, facing the audience instead of slides and maintaining the attention of audience were also addressed. He pointed out that the presentations can be structured through three sections – Introduction, Information and conclusion and so as to make a good presentation one should have rich resource and a good structure.

Importance of Practice : He asked the students to keep time and practice in front of people in the venue and fix things that doesn’t work. He said that – a relaxed state of mind, with comfortable and appropriate clothing can help a person to be more heard and confident. Other tips like usage of handouts and notes when necessary were also added.

During the afternoon session, the students were made to do a three minute power point presentation. The session was video recorded, and later played so as to point out the pros and cons of their respective presentation. The errors and gaps were spotted and filled by the resource persons. The programme helped the students to rate themselves and find the spaces left for correction. The workshop was indeed very essential for the budding social workers to present themselves before people enabling fruitful communication in tasks.

Reported by :

Jasmin R Pereira


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