As part of field work, the social work trainees Ms. Supriya K Rajappan and Ms. Athira Dattan organized a programme named “Amritarpanam” at the Mahila Mandiram. The programme was conducted as three different sessions-a free medical camp, an awareness class on personal hygiene for women and cultural events.

The programme started with the inauguration Ms.Lathika (Superintendent, Mahila Mandiram) was the chairperson of the programme.The welcome speech was delivered by Ms. Athira Dattan. The programme was inaugurated by Dr Aju (Medical Officer, PHC, Mangad). He expressed h2013-04-20 11.59.54is gratitude to Amrita University and the social work trainees for inviting him to such an occasion.He told that with the co-operation of the MSW students who are posted at the Mahila Mandiram , he would be able to work for the inmates of the institution. Then the health inspector of the Primary Health Centre at Mangad gave the felicitation. Vote of thanks was delivered by Ms. Supriya K Rajappan.

Then the medical camp was held from 9.00 am to 11.00 am. The inmates shared their health problems with the Medical Officer to which he attended with utmost care. After that the trainees collected medicines from the PHC with the prescription of the doctor and supplied it to the inmates.

The second session was an awareness class on personal hygiene for women. The session was handled by Ms. Veena Suresh (Lecturer, Department of social work). She explained about the importance of keeping personal hygiene to the inmates. The importance of bathing, washing and the need for personal hygiene during menstrual period was discussed and the related health issues associated with it. She also explained the need for good mental and physical health and how physical health and mental health are associated. She also explained how to cope with mental stress and how we can convert negative emotions to positive. It was really an informative session for the inmates. The members also participated actively in the discussion and clarified their doubts regarding the same.

The third session was the cultur2013-04-20 10.15.39al exchange session where the inmates expressed their different talents. The session started with a song by Ms. Sheeja (Warden, Mahila Mandiram). It was followed by the demonstration of Natya Yoga by the trainees to the inmates. Natya Yoga is the union of body and mind through simple dance movements and hand gestures (mudras). The inmates performed different programmes like drama, mono act, folk music and cinematic dance. They considered it as a platform for expressing their talents. Everyone including the superintendent was surprised on seeing their performances. She told the trainees that they had helped her to know the talents of these inmates. Some of them were really good in the various art forms. The superintendent also promised the trainees that every effort will be taken to conduct a cultural fest at the Mahila Mandiram in the future.

The concurrent filed work at Mahila Mandiram was really a good opportunity for the trainees to understand different people and to know more about their problems.

Report by: Supriya

Edited by: lekshmi vimala

Photos by: Athira






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