A day for Writing Report

Communicating to Communities, the  two day PLA workshop concluded successfully   on 27th April 2013. The camp was held in the island Perumpalam. It was a delightful experience to the students; the  two days in the Island. The Island had lots of myths and legends and it is also known as the land of temples and sacred groves. Now also they preserve the sacred land, backwater and they conserve a religious harmony. Students applied the PLA tools which they learned in the class rooms, in the community with passion.

For the application of the PLA tools, the co-coordinators of the camp divided the whole group of students into 9 groups and assigned 9 areas to those groups. Each group had certain topics to collect from the community such as transportation history, culture of the community, health, disasters, threatening problems etc.The whole work of the students on (25.4.2013) was documented on (27.4.2013). All the students gathered in a hall in the campus.  Based on the details collected, the coordinators again assigned separate topics for each group for documentation.The procedure of documentation started at 9 am. The ‘Introduction’ was assigned to Bibin and Prasanth.  Anitha & team dealt the general history and profile of Perumpalam Island. Demography, Gender Analysis and Economy of Perumpalam was done by Lakshmi & team. Perumplalam Island has a bunch of fairy tales legends. Joby& team completed the topics such as Culture, Believes, Religion and history of Politics. Parvathy and team dealt with community health problems, practices, traditional medicines etc. Perumpalam Island is prone to disasters. The topic Disaster, History of transportation, Infrastructure and Media were documented by Supriya and team.  The Island possesses a variety of fish biodiversity. All the resource details and the agriculture of the community were documented by Arya and team. Education and Institutions of the Perumpalam Island was dealt by the team of Jessica. Water pollution is one of the threatening problems amongst them. A variety of reasons exists there causing pollution and climatic changes. These were also documented by Jasmine and team. And the last topic the Governance, Waste management and Biodiversity of the Island were done by Sandhya and team.To meet the deadline, the coordinators recalled the group coordinators in every 2 hours so as to assess the progress of work. Each group did their work very sincerely with a team spirit and because of that the documentation was completed within the deadline at 3.30pm.

Report by: Rashmi Ramesh102_4179 102_4180 102_4182 102_4184 102_4185 102_4187 102_4188 102_4189 102_4190 102_4191 102_4192 102_4194  102_4197

Edited by: Parvathy V

Photos: Vishnuraj


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