Campus Level Documentary and Short Film Festival

20th April 2013 was a very eventful day for the Department of Social work since a film festival and photo exhibition was hosted on behalf of ASWAS and AMC at Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham, Amritapuri campus.

Dr .Renjith R. Pillai (Chairperson, Department of Social Work) delivered the presidential address and gave a brief introduction about the film festival. The film festival and the Photo exhibition were inaugurated by Dr. Vishwanathan (chairperson, Department of chemistry). He congratulated the ASWAS team and the department for organizing such an event since the impact of visual media is manifold in the present scenario.

Mr. V. S. Kochu Krishna Kurup (faculty, DepaDSC05055rtment of Social work) offered felicitations. He was of the view that this is a golden opportunity for the students to discuss about the social issues since visual media is to be used as a tool for social change. He also expressed his gratitude towards the AMC members, as people do not get a chance to watch movies like these. He even remarked that the main point to be focused while making a documentary is its aims and objectives and the people that it is targeting.

Mr.Ranjith Kavumkara (faculty, Department of Social work) appreciated the diligent efforts of the AMC members. He stated that films are dynamic power sources in creating social change. He also expressed his view that the current visual language of the people are corrupted and it is only through screenings of such movies that we can overcome this .He concluded  with the following  inspiring tagline  “read more learn more write more “ .

  • The movie screening began with the HOME directed by Yann Arthus-Bertrand. The film is almost entirely composed of aerial shots of various places on Earth. It shows the diversity of life on Earth and how humanity is threatening the ecological balance of the planet.
  • KADAL THEERATH- A poignant neorealist film directed by Sherry which won the best short film award at the International Video Festival of Kerala. Based on a short story by O.V. Vijayan, renowned Indian writer, this movie tells the story of Vellayiyappan, a working class man who is on his heart-breaking journey to the prison to receive his son’s body. Its unique storytelling and the direction is versatile as it has the power to touch the hearts of the vieweDSC05050rs. There are few movies and books that bring us emotional trauma and cause pain, some stays with us and gives a blissfulness of seeing real human life with full of art. This is one such movie.
  • 1000 DAYS AND A DREAM- Directed by P. Baburaj and C. Saratchandran is a film on the four and a half years old anti-coca cola struggle in Plachimada. The film captures the spirit of the anti coca cola struggle, trace the history of the struggle and discuss the several issues raised by the struggle. It also documents the poignant moments of the struggle and share the dreams and sorrows of some of the active participants of the struggle.
  • America America is a four minute music video which is a satirical but severe indictment   of America’s role in escalating world conflict. Originally written following the post 9-11 bombing of Afghanistan by the USA and developed to address the occupation of Iraq, the song comments on various aspects of the American empire, its stockpile of nuclear bombs, its cozy relation with fanatical and dictatorial regimes, and in fact the very notion of American peace and liberty. The song is set to the tune of the popular Sinhalese song ’Surangini’ and has English lyrics and catchy chorus in Tamil.
  •   Ini varunna thalamuraykku (music video) makes one wonder whether the generations yet to come live here? The song underscores the preset style of development and its sustainability –“How do our children live if there is no food to eat, no water to drink and no place to live?”This song reminds us to preserve Mother Earth for generations yet to come. Let us heal the world
  • Planning (directed by Sudevan)as the name suggDSC05045ests is a movie on planning. It questions the need to plan when there is better planner-God? Even if everything is planned, life can turn up with unexpected events and surprises. The subtle wit and deep sarcasm adds to the appeal of the movie.


It was indeed a proud day for the Department of Social Work since all the hard work paved way to lots of appreciation and gratitude from the audience.

Report by: Jessica J   John

Edited by: Lekshmi Vimala

Photos by: Joby T Lal



2 thoughts on “Campus Level Documentary and Short Film Festival

  1. Nice to read the report. i would like to make a kind suggestion; while placing photos in between text, please be careful to look into whether the photo and the text goes in line with the context.. Thanks for the report.

  2. A video song (folk song) related to tribal movement in orissa was also played..the name does not figure in the report..kindly add that too in the report..

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