World Social Work Day at Amrita

The department of social work has observed world social work day on 19th March, 2013 under the banner of ASWAS. A competition called Social engineering was the highlight of the day. The programme was meant for non-social work students of the university to generate awareness on Professional Social Work among them. The competition was judged by Dr.Renjith.R. pillai (Asst. Professor and chairpersoopn, Dept. of Social Work), Dr.Rajeev.M.M(Vice Chairperson, Department of Social Work), Sri.Ranjith Kavumkara (Lecturer, dept. of social work), Ms.Arathy Aravind (S4 MSW Student) and Lekshmi Vimala (Students, S4 MSW).

164289_498354643558809_649677728_n    The program started at 4p.m and anchored by Deepak.S and Sukanya of S4 MSW. There was a quiz competition as the preliminary round of the programme in which social work related questions were asked and the participants have written the answers in the white papers provided. After that the second and the main session was started in which all the teams were given either a picture, video or a description about which they have to prepare a presentation, that can be a chart presentation, power point presentation or any medium according to the participant’s wish. The presentation should include 1) the social issue (s) in the given picture/video/description 2) the reasons behind that particular social issue, 3) the effective methods to address the issue.

734114_498334240227516_1571980890_nThe participants were given 15 minutes for preparation and in the meanwhile, a power point presentation was presented on ‘professional social work’ prepared by Ms.Sandhya(S4 MSW) and Ms. Arya Gopinadh(S2MSW). It was very inspiring as it has discussed about the professional scope of social work. After this many of the students have shared their opinions and ideas about the discipline. The participants have finished their preparation within the stipulated time limit and presented according to the notes picked by the judges. The program was witnessed by excellent presentation skills and there was discussion session with the judges in which the contestants have answered to the questions asked by the judges and provide further clarifications and ideas. The contest was concluded at 6.15p.m and Dr.Renjith.R. Pillai congratulated all the contestants who took initiative to participate in the competition and also the event managers who toiled tirelessly to make the function a grand success. The contestants were informed that the results will be announced later and all the participants will be given certificates from the department.

 Besides ‘Social engineering’, campaigns also done in the campus about professional social work. Many posters were pasted in the notice boards. Al166739_498354950225445_875061592_nl the preparatory works were done by the students and they took the initiative to assign the job themselves. Three groups were formed on the basis of duties such as poster making, decoration, management of the inter- departmental competition. The poster making committee has started arranging the posters  in the corridors and in the staircase of the college building. The programme was inaugurated by Prof. (Dr.) Gopinadhan Pillai, principal, Amrita School of Arts and Sciences. They could successfully arrange the posters by 11 a.m and the Principal , Arts and Science, in the presence of Dr.Renjith.R. pillai,and other faculties of the department. Principal has personally viewed every chart and shared his view points about the issues depicted in the charts.

544075_498334213560852_1104332860_nReport by: Deepak.S (S4 MSW)

Photo: Bibin. S Babu


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