Seminar on “Koodamkulam Power Plant; resistance for right to live”

As a part of Departmental Programme a seminar was held on 22/02/2013, on the topic  “Koodamkulam Power Plant; resistance for right to life”. Mr. Nisanth (Faculty, Department of Social Work) chaired the seminar which was presented by Ms Arya Gopinath and discussed by Ms Anusree. Faculties and students of Department of Social Work attended the seminar.

Starting with a gist of ‘what is nuclear power’ they discussed the topic giving an overall view of Koodamkulam nuclear power plant. They also pointed out and discussed the various related arenas like previous accidents and the present safety measures taken at the nuclear power plant, infrastructure development, health care, educational support, support to community at coastal villages, ecological effects, Indian nuclear safety regulatory authority bill 2011, and Koodamkulam Anti – nuclear movement. They presented the topic with photographs and videos related to the Koodamkulam project and issues showing the realities, adding more to audience understanding.

100_3043An open discussion and clarification  regarding the presentation was held after that. The panel clarified the queries of audience. Some of the questions put forwarded by Mr.Ranjith Kavumkara were :

1.)The number of nuclear power plants in India?  – 6 Nuclear power plants.

2.)Why agitation only in Koodamkulam? – For people in Kudankulam keep loosing their livelihood day by day.

3.) The Presentation was against the Koodamkulam project. Reason?

The natural resources of energy are already limited or rather at the verge of extinction. So these kind of power plant projects eat up the available resources leaving the future generations left without any.

Mr. Bibin questioned about the threats in Kudamkulam project. They clarified it pointing out the adverse effects which can affect the fishing areas and farmers. They also spotted the hazards which can be caused by radiation and dumping of liquid waste in the seashore affecting the whole of the population.

Mr. Bibin also asked about the precautions & safety measures taken up at the Koodamkulam power plant project for the people? In case of any disaster the people around have been trained to overcome such a situation.

Mr. Kochukrishna Kurup later enquired about the number of population in sterilized areas and it was clarified as 10 lakhs. He also asked about the Kerala government’s support for this power plant? The Panel said it is very simple because Kerala government is also expecting power from the same project.100_3047

Ms. Veena asked about the advantage of nuclear power plant? They answered it, as the way to generate electricity across Southern India.

Students commented it as good and very informative presentation. The videos shown were also up to the mark. Handout supplement was appreciated. The session was concluded by Mr. Nisanth putting forward the question on whether humanity is served or not.

Report by: Stephy Bosco

Edited by: Andria

Photo: Jasmine R perera


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