Role Play & Essay Competition

 As part of observation of “World Day of Social Justice” (20th Feb), ASWAS conducted a Role play and Essay competition on the topic “Social Justice” on 19th February 2013.The event was organized in the presence and support of faculties Mr.VS.Kochukrishna Kurup and Mr.Rajeev M.M. The event was moderated by Ms.Jasmin R Pereira. Two groups selected from the students were enacted role play on Social Justice, showcasing the major critical problems of today’s world. First group focused on the issues like poverty, caste discrimination, illiteracy, misuse of political and money power in a government office setting and the second group


on land mafia issues, violence against women and corruption through a set of scenes like strike, Journalist’s investigation and government office setting. Both the groups performed well with their effective scripts helping the audience to contemplate.




Essay Competition contestants:

Arya Gopinath, Athira Dattan,


Jessica J John, Supriya K.Rajappan, Joby T Lal.

Role Play:

1st Group:

Jasmin R Pereira, Praveen, Midhun.M, Sreejith Lal, Steffy Bosco, Shalini.

2nd Group:

Winnie Elizabeth Johnson, Anas.R, Bibin S Babu, Anusree.R, Nithin Sajeev.M.

Faculties Mr.VS.Kochukrishna kurup and Mr.Rajeev M.M. shared their views and suggestions and commented on the overall performance of the students at the end of the programme. They said Role Play is all about bringing in the reality and that particular ‘ability’ to express the reality, enabling others to rethink – is the essence of the show. They said such platforms are chances to show one’s talents and improve themselves and so students should take up the opportunities and excel in varied colours.

They appreciated the attempt and commented that everyone was conscious enough to act out their adopted role well though some meagre part was not conveyed well due to lack of explanation. They also appreciated the very slightest movements involved in the journalist’s investigation which conveyed the basic ethics of mass media and communication which our real media often market today. It was also mentioned that 1st Group’s presentation was a straight performance while the 2nd


Group was an indirect one. Another suggestion was to focus on one issue at a time rather than multiple issues which would give a more clear idea or concept of the theme instead of touching several aspects of many issues. The session ended up well attaining its goal to create a thought of realization among the members present about the importance of Social Justice.

Essay competition Results will be announced soon and the best essay will be given cash prize as a token of appreciation and will also be published in college magazine and Dishaa.



Report: Midhun

Photos: Sreejith & Bibin



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