As a part of department programme, Winnie Elizabeth Johnson and And100_2953ria John of S2 MSW presented the topic “Child Rights and Protection”. The programme started at 2.00pm. Dr.Renjith R Pillai, the head of the department of Social Work, was the chair of the session and welcomed the presenters to present the topic. At first Andria presented the topic with regard   to child rights, where a lot of information regarding rights of child, legal definition, obstacles in dealing the rights of child, and other general information were presented. Winnie did the discussion part on child protection, condition of child in current scenario, child protection policy and need of the protection of the children.


After the presentation, session was open for further clearance of doubt, questions. Midhun of S2MSW asked about the causes for increasing child labour day by day. Winny answered to the questions that  family problems, loss of parents, broken family etc force the children to go for labour and also for satisfying basic needs. Forced child labour also exist. These are basically violation of their rights.

Supriya asked about the reason for child migration from rural to urban region. The    answer was that the major reason for child migration is poverty and also children go for comfort of money.

Sreejith asked about the ways of reducing child labour. The suggestions to this question basically discussed about protecting through JJ Act. There is also a need for change in attitude towards children as well as effective implementation of law and policies



Joby asked about the rights of refugee children. The question was answered that the rights of refugee children are same as that of others.

Anoop asked about the existence of a lot of under age children working in Amrita and the methods of addressing the same. The answer was that if it is true, the law of land should be followed, and should enquire about the same in the administration.

The reasons for dropout were another topic of discussion and how it can be changed through right to education. Loss of parents, broken family etc are the core reasons for that. There is a need to teach them in their local language and in special syllabus compatible to their culture.

Another question was on the right to nutrition as 1/3rdof child population is still malnourished. The question was answered that government have done lot of activities through anganvadies and other ICDS related programmes100_2954


  • Lekshmi suggested that the definition of child should be restructured
  • Midhun told that main problem of the society is that those who are responsible should follow the rights/ ensure that rights are not broken
  • Sukanya told that during field work in the previous semester, she saw that the child in a conflict and child in need of protection and care live together in protection homes. She wondered if behavioural problems may occur to them due to the intermingled existence
  • Bibin told that it takes time to make any law effective and that after few years, it will become effective (all laws & rights ) regarding implementation of Juvenile Justice Act
  • Jasmine told that there is a relationship between family and child. In some cases, parents of dropout  children, don’t care about child’s education  and send them for work as they just need money for their livelihood
  • Parvathy told that admission in protection homes are directed towards making children rehabilitate back to the society. It is a question under doubt and it needs more discussion, as to whether this environment in protection homes may change them or make their condition worse.
  •  Ms. Veena, as a reply to Anoop, described an incident that took place in Amrita Ettimadi campus where there was a child who was working in canteen without going for education. They enquired about him to the authority. It becomes clear that, along with their work, the child is given education. But he doesn’t want to stop working because his mother was bed ridden. Thus the authority ensures care to the family by sending a part of his salary to the family.


Dr.Renjith R Pillai concluded the departmental activity on child abuse and violation of child right. Child is vulnerable in several ways that, taking care of them and protecting them is our duty. Each and every person is unique; everyone will be good in one or the other field. So there should be a duty based approach from the side of all who are responsible to it.





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