Role play on impact of social networking sites among youth

As a part of ASWAS programme role play was conducted in the department on 29th January, 2013.. The topic of role play was ‘Impact of Social Networking Sites among Youth’. Faculties Mr.Ranjith Kavumkara, Mr.Nishanth M and Ms.Veena Suresh were present. The moderator of the programme was Ms.Shilpa.

The programme started on 2:40 pm. Ms Shilpa gave an introduction about the topic. Then all the members i.e. second and fourth year MSW students were divided into five groups which was already created. Thirty minutes were provided for discussion and script making. After thirty minutes each group performed. The time allowed for each group was ten minutes. Almost all members of each groups participated in th   e play. All the groupstry to convey both positive and negative part of social networking sites.  IMG_3811

Now a day social networking sites have become an unavoidable factor, especially for youths. Sites like Gmail,Facebook,YouTube, eBay, Google+ etc.As its name shows it create a network among the people living in different parts of the world .Helps people in transferring messages and datas, maintain good relationship with friends and relatives who are at faraway places, could buy a thing without going to shop ,could watch and share videos etc. These all could be done within the home. Relationships through such sites help business people to improve and to grow their business enterprises. Every sectors of the society are dependent on this. Through this people could save both money and time. People are more aware about the issues happening in the society. And they are more updated about the current world. These are positives put forward by the teams.

The negatives conveyed by them were mostly based on how people are using such sitesNow a days youth are addicted to sites like Facebook. They are wasting there their time in front of such sites only for chatting with someone. Its influence makes many changes in their life style and behaviour. They are not concerning about their health or duties, they hesitate even to take food because their time to spend in such sites will be reduced. While making new friends they are losing their family. There are many victims of cheating through such sites. Photos of girls are misused in a huge amount. It will badly affect them physically and psychologically. Their concentration in their studies and job will be lost. Many fake news spreading through such sites is misleading people.

The teams try to convey the fact that it is the attitude of the people who use social networking sites, make it bad. The users have to follow the rules and regulations recommendedby such sites.If one could manage such sites usefully then the opportunities in them are very large. Those who use such sites must be aware of the dos and don’ts of using such sites and they could con  trol the use. Entertainment is good but spending all the time for that forgetting one’s own duty make such sites bad.

All the teams tried their best to convey their ideas. SoIMG_3809me of the teams tried to add fun in their play. It was a good experience for all. At the end faculty Mr.Ranjith Kavumkara concluded the session by evaluating the performances. He suggested in improving the performance of some and to add more aspects. The programme ended on 4:40 pm

Report By: Arya Gopinath

Photo: Arathi Aravind


2 thoughts on “Role play on impact of social networking sites among youth

  1. i missed this programme..was this topic decided on the day of ASWAS meeting??? If I had known about the topic and methodology, i would have attended it..I not sure, if it was told to me..Anyways congrats..good topic selection and methodology..

  2. awesome!!! mind blowing if you could just add more interesting points to it .good work !keep it up !!mybestwishes to the skit !!may god bless you !mrunmayee Kulkarni !12yrs ,pune

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