Film Screening by AMC

 As part of observing World Cancer Day (4th Feb), ASWAS movie club conducted a film show on 5th February 2013 screening the movie “The Bucket List”. The movie conveys the story of two terminally ill men, who escapes from cancer ward and head off on a road trip with a wish list of to-dos before they kick the bucket ultimately finding the joy in life. The programme began with a brief Introduction to the movie by Ms Anusree.R (AMC assistant coordinator) at 2.30pm. Thereby a glimpse of the American dramedy film of two cancer patients, Mr. Edward Cole, a corporate billionaire and working class mechanic Mr.Carter Chamber who were surviving with lung cancer, directed by Rob Reiner and written by   Justic Zackhem was given to the students. The movie was screened for about 1 hr 30 mins. The social work trainees calmly enjoyed the movie and grasped the message behind the film. Though the planned group discussion session which followed the movie was cut short due to shortage of time, the aim of screening sighed to be fruitful. Mr.Kochu Krishna Kurup (Faculty) shared some of his experiences and views on how cancer is faced in today’s social aspect and its social stigma etc  and urged the students to learn more on the topic understanding the social workers role and its relevance focusing on present available medical technologies and financial support today. Student representatives Anas, Bibin, Vishnu.S, Winnie, Mithun and other students Deepak.S and Joby also shared their views and personal experiences. The healthy critical comments jotted down messages like

  • the positive attitude towards life without bothering any disease
  • the motivation of many survived celebrities and others, creating a wave of confidence
  • importance and role of Palliative care
  • role and support of family and friends

The Session was concluded by Ms.Anusree at 4.30 pm stating that ‘being Social workers, lets open our eyes and lend our hands and care realizing the responsibilities towards society and cancer patients’.

Report by: Anushree

Photo: Bibin S Babu100_2915100_2937

100_2938 100_2934



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