Discussion on “Atrocities against Women”

On behalf of ASWAS programme committee an open discussion on the topic Atrocities against women has been conducted on 22/01/2013 at 10.15am.  Screening of the movie ‘Ozhimuri’ also has been done before the discussion.  The programme has been conducted in the light of the Delhi rape case held. Mr.kochu Krishna Kurup (Lecturer, Dept of Social Work) and Ms. Veena Suresh were present. The moderator of discussion was Ms. Arathy Aravind.

The movie ‘Ozhimuri’ mainly focuses on women of three generations .In the first generation, family is mainly women centric that is ultimate decision making power was enjoyed by women. In the 2nd generation family is men centric and women didn’t have any voice at that time. The 3rd generation , women is more educated and empowered ; and were demanding equal power as well.

For the discussion the students were divided into 5 different groups and students were asked to discuss the issue in their group. Then an open discussion on the topic ‘Atrocities against women ‘was held. The main area focused were the reasons behind atrocities against women. The persons or factors responsible for rape and the solutions were also discussed. The opinions highlighted in the discussion were both men and women are responsible for the present scenario. They should be aware of their responsibilities and know about their values. More morals and values should be inculcated into each of our lives. People are following western culture and media is also responsible for this. Alcoholism and drug abuse are the one of the main causes of rape. Rape cases are mostly seen in urban areas than in rural due to the difference in life style and culture.


Some of the solutions are stereotyping should be avoided. Family should function with a team spirit. It should function under an egalitarian concept. The country should implement new and most severe punishment than capital punishment. There should be a fear of law among the people. Counselling should be provided at the school level. The character of the child should be moulded from the family itself and educate children moral values. Age categorisation should be avoided based on the severity of the crime.


Report by : Supriya K Rajappan

DTP: Bibin S Babu

Photos: Bibin S Babu


One thought on “Discussion on “Atrocities against Women”

  1. Happy to know this.. Its nice and all d very best for the entire ASWAS team.. 🙂 keep going.. Expecting more n more from this vibrant sw buddies..

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