The 9th Biennial Convention of the National Alliance for Peoples Movement was successfully held at Salsabeel Green School, Thrissur, this year. The community development students of Amrita Vishwa Vidyaeetam University had a great opportunity to be the volunteers of the Convention. Each of the students was assigned with various tasks.

The social work trainees were divided into various committees and assigned certain duties to each committee members. The committees were General volunteer committee, Media & documentation, reception and registration, transportation and accommodation. Each committee had a coordinator to coordinate the team members and allotted duties to them.

img_20101Vishnu.K.Santhosh, Deepak.S,  Rashmi. Shilpa were in General Volunteer Committee. The duty of the General Volunteer Committee was to assist the entire programme and make necessary arrangements for the programme. The duties of the general committee was to provide services like water, food, accommodation, transportation, stall arrangements, stage arrangements and programme organizing. Vishnu K Santhosh was the co-coordinator of the Committee. The duty assigned to him was to coordinate the entire activities that belong to the general committee. The incoming and outgoing transportation of the delegates was done by the coordinator. He was also a part of the food committee . He was also held in the stage arrangements and venue. He was also a part of the purchasing committee especially stationary items

Deepak was one of the the member of the general volunteer committee .He also attended the different sessions like koodamkulam issue, Media And Culture .He also conducted several interviews with many eminent personalities and also interacted with other members who participated in the programme. He was  also supported in report writing of the events.

Rashmi was placed in general committee .She was also a member in registration, food committee, transportation committee , stage arrangements etc.

Shilpa was mainly assigned in collash making .Stage decoration was another field she was engaged in. She has actively participated in the interview sections, group discussions.

Prageesh was placed in culture anIMG_2084d film screening. His main work was the publicity of the film that has to be screened .He also held in setting of the equipments for film screening. Arathy was placed in media session .she collects the full details of the programme for reporting to the Medias. She also attended various sessions of the programme.

Nisha was placed in registration committee .The main activity was the registration of the delegates. She also collects donations from the delegates.

Fathima was placed in the registration committee .The main activity was the registration of the delegates and also receiving the delegates She has also worked in donation committee. Sandhya was also placed in registration committee and the main activity was registration of the delegates and receiving donations.

Report by Deepak



Photos by:

Arathy Aravind


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