Skill Development Training at Govt. Childrens Home, Kollam

A skill development training programme has been organized by the 1st Semester MSW students of Amrita Vishwavidya Peetham for the inmates of  govt. Childrens’ home on 24th November,2012, Kollam.  The eminent skill development trainer and a social worker Mr Jerry Camoens lead the programme.

The program started by 10.30 AM with the inaugural session. Mr.  Mr Jerry Camoens, Mr. Ranjith Kavumkara (Lecturer),Mr. Nishant M (Field Work Co-ordinator), Mr Shahir (caretaker , childrens home), Mr. Anas, Mr. Midhun, Ms. Supriya, Ms. Athira,  etc. (S1 MSW students)  were present in the function.

The morning session included the skill development class by Mr. Jerry Camoens. The session was all about realizing a personal potentialities of individuals to lead a pleasant life  and to develop a positive outlook on life.  Many  games also have been carried out in the session  in order to improve the problem solving and crisis management skills of the children. Many motivational videos also have been csreened.

It was a venue for showing the talents of the children too. They amazed the audience with their outstanding cultural performances on the stage. The programmes  included dances, songs, mimicry, mono-act etc. A dance performance of Supriya Rajappan (S1 student) also being held.

The last session was handled by Ranjith K. He spoke on the importance of silence and concentration in life. Many games havebeen played to imrpove the concentration of the children.  The programme has been concluded  with a talk by Mr. Kochukrishna Kurup (Lecturer).  The entire programme has been organized by Ms. Jessica, Ms. Jasmine and Ms. Stephy Bosco. (S1 students)


Report By : Jessica

Photo: Jasmine, Stephy and Jessica


One thought on “Skill Development Training at Govt. Childrens Home, Kollam

  1. its indeed a great effort by the students. Happy reading it. the reporting is also done better. Congratulations to all who were part of it..

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