Date : 14 /11/12

Venue : Kuzhithura  Govt.  Fisheries school , Alappad

Time : 10 am -3 pm

As part of Children’s day , the 3rd semester Community Development students from Dept, of Social Work, Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetam has organized various programs at Government Fisheries School, Kuzhithura. .

The programme started at 10’0 clock with the prior permission from the Prinicipal of the school. The students were divided into 5 groups, each groups were assigned with 2 students with different topics like child abuse, substance abuse, child rights and mental health.

Child rights was taken by Mr.Prageesh and Ms Arathy and Mental Health by Ms  Fathima and Mrs Nisha, child abuse  of boys by Mr. Deepak and Mr. Vishnu.K , Child abuse  of girls by Ms. Arathy and  Ms.Sandhya  and substance abuse  by Ms.Shilpa and Ms. Rashmi.

Arathy and Prageesh  dealt with ‘Child Rights’ and discussed Right to Education as the first important right. Then they covered the Right to Information, Right to Development, Right to Health Care, and Right to Recreation. The response from the students was so energetic and appreciable.

‘Substance Abuse’ was handled  by Shilpa and Rashmi. Their approached the students through more of an activity based sessions. They try to convey the message by using role play, group discussion and essay writing. The students were highly motivated due to that class and they were very much corporative and also the sessions were so informative.

The session of ‘Mental Health’ was taken by Nisha and Fathima and was a new experience for the children. All students are facing some kind of stress and emotional problems. The session includes some games also.

The session of ‘Child Abuse’ was taken by Arathy and Sandhya by using some practical exercise to the children of Lower Primary classes (first standard) and tried to convey the message in a very simple way. The children have some kind of knowledge about the child abuse and exploitation through their parent’s advice. They also shared some of their views to prevent them from an abuse and to protect themselves. The child abuse session including the Health and Hygiene was carried out by Deepak and Vishnu K by using some charts. The session gives more importance to Health as well as hygiene of an individual.

With the ample support from the Department and also with the cooperation of the students and also with the team spirit, the program was a grant success and finally concluded by distributing sweets to the students.

Documented by:


Sandhya S Mani

(S3 Msw)



  1. The report is nice.. congratulations to all… one small suggestion, please try not to forget to include the total number of participants, their class etc from next time. This would bring more clarity. Thanks for the report…

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