To commemorate the IDDR-2012 (International Day for Disaster Reduction – 13thOctober), the Kerala State Disaster Management Authority(KSDMA) in collaboration with five Social Work Institutions in Kerala has conducted a state wide Street play road show at 56 identified venues in different districts of the state. It was an initiative by KSDMA to enroll the Social Work Students in the activities for raising public awareness on disaster risk reduction by focusing on the theme –“Women and Girls-The Invisible force for resilience”.

To execute the programme, KSDMA has divided Kerala into five regions of three adjacent districts and reputed Social Work colleges from each region were selected to act as a nodal agency and to perform street play in four venues in each district as identified by the district administration. The five Social Work Colleges participated in the programme are:

1).Dept. Social Work, AmritaVishwa Vidyapeetham, Kollam,

2).BCM college Kottayam 3).Rajagiri College , Kalamassery 4).LISSAH College Calicut

3).St.Joseph College,Pilathara,Kannur.

Three districts in the southern region viz:Thiruvananthapuram, Kollam and Alappuzha, were allottedto the Department of Social Work, Amritapuri Campus, Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham, and  Mr. VS Kochukrishna Kurup (faculty coordinator-IDDR-Street-play programme), had been entrusted with theresponsibility of coordinating and implementing the programme in 12 venues of 3 districts from 9th to 11th, October 2012.

Training workshop:

A team of five members including 4 representatives from KSDMA and the faculty coordinator from the Department of Social Work conducted an artist casting programme on  7th September 2012, and subsequently the team was provided training for the street-play at a workshop organized at KJJM Animation Centre , Kovalam on  28th & 29 thSeptember,2012. Mr. Ramesh Krishnan- (Programme Coordinator URR- Govt. of India UNDP-DRR programme), Mr. Sajith Anchal (Director of Street-play), officials from there venue department and District administration had rendered immense support for the coordination and implementation of the  programme.  The pre-recorded sound track of the street-play was highly helpful for the student artists to perform immaculately and naturally.

The Team Members are:(1). Anusree R- (1stSem.), (2).Arya Gopinath (1stSem.), (3).Athira Dattan(1st Sem.),(4).Preena RS(1st Sem.), (5).Sreejith Lal(1st Sem.), (6).Supriya K.R(1stSem.) (7).Winnie Johnson (1st Sem.), (8).Anoop Joseph (2nd Sem.) (9).Parvathy V (2nd Sem.) (10).Vishnu K Santhosh (2nd Sem.) (11).Joby T Lal (1stSem.), (12).VS Kochukrishna Kurup (Faculty Coordinator), (13). Mr.Renjith Kavumkara (Faculty)

Road Show : 

Venue 1.- Kanakakunnu Palace, Thiruvananthapuram

 Time: 10.30am -1.00pm (9th October 2012)

To mark the occasion of IDDR-2012, KSDMA organized an official function at Kanakakunnu palace at 10.30 am  on 9th October 2012. The function was inaugurated by Sri. Ommen Cahndy, the chief minister ofKerala and presided over by Sri.Adoor Prakash, Minister for Revenue. The meeting was attended by MLAs,Government secretaries of different departments, District collector, Officials from the Revenue /disaster management department, Media persons and general public. The information about the street-play by Students from Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham had been notified in the brochure of the programme. It was really a wonderful opportunity for the team to perform the play before such a splendid audience. The performance was highly appreciated by the entire audience and also to mention the special references by Dr. KB Valsalakumari IAS-the principal secretary to Revenue department.

Venue2. – Cotton Hill HSS, Thiruvananthapuram 

 Time: 2.30pm

This prestigious school was the second venuefor the street play in Thiruvananthapuram District. The play started at 2 pm. in crowded audience of school children. The school authorities and the district administration authorities had facilitated us to conduct the programme . An overwhelming response had been received from the enthusiastic students and teachers of the school.

Venue 3.- Palayam Rakthasakshi mandapam, Thiruvananthapuram 

Time: 4.30pm.

The street-play started at the busy junction of Palayam statue at 4.30 pm. The play was watched by a lot of people gathered at the venue. The police also helped us by controlling the audience in such busy junction. The response of the common people to the street-play was quite amazing. After the show, the team moved to Kollam to start the road show at Kollam district next day.

Venue 4. – Kottiyam college Juction, Kollam

Time: 9.30am (10th October’12)

On Wednesday, 10-10-2012- the team started the road show in Kollam district with the performance at the NSS College junction, Kottiyam. It was really a street-play as it performed on the street itself. People from all the walks of life who passed nearly found stand still for forty five minutes.

Venue 5. – Government Model HS for Girls, Kollam

Time: 11.30am

This was the second venue in Kollam district. The District authorities supported in bringing students from two nearby schools at the venue of the play. A large number of children watched the play and appreciated the team

Venue 6. Civil Station / Collectorate Compound, Kollam

Time: 2 pm

In the Civil station/ Collectorate compound, the district collector Mr.PG Thomas, Dy. Collectors Mr.K.Salim and Varghese Paniker watched  play throughout the end. All the officers , staff of the civil station and the public constituted the large fabulous audience of the play. The District collector  appreciated the efforts taken by the Students, Department of Social work and the support of Amrita University in such governmental initiatives for public awareness and social welfare activities.

Venue 7. KSRTC Bus stand , Karunagapally, Kollam

Time: 5 pm

The team performed its 4th show in Kollam district at Karunagapally Bus stand venue. District revenue authorities and police officers helped the team in conducting  the street-play at  that area. More than 300 people were gathered to watch the play

Venue 8.- Harippad a town Hall Junction, Alappuzha District-

Time: 10.00am (11th, October’12)

The 3rd day  road show started on  11th October ’12 with a performance at town hall junction Harippad. The District revenue officials facilitated to bring the school children from nearby schools to the venue and provided all possible helps for the team. A lot of general public also watched the play at the venue

Venue 9. Ambalapuzha High School, Alapuzha Dist. 

 Time: 12.00 Noon

Ambalapuzha Kunjupillai memorial high school was the second venue in Alapuzha district and even though the play was started at 12 noon,  hundreds of school children gathered there with an overwhelming response and cheer.

Venue 10. Aravukadu High School, Alapuzha Dist.

 Time: 3.00 pm

At 3 pm. the team performed the play at Aravukadu Government High school premise where the team received a passionate response from the students and teachers.

Venue 11. Alappuzha Beach, Alapuzha Dist.

Time: 5.30 pm

The last performance of the road show was presented at Alappuzha  beach at 5.30 pm on 11th October ’12. A large number of people from all walks of life including foreigners  watched the play. Media people were also present at the venue and they reported the event with photographs . thus the team successfully completed the Street-play road show at Alapuzha beach, and returned to Amritapuri at The team has received a great appreciation from

KSDMA people and they assured that each participant will get a certificate and a cash prize which will be distributed at a function organized at Thiruvananthapuram. Apart from this, KSDMA expressed their interest in collaboration with Social Work institutions for all possible intervention in Disaster Reduction. The formation of region wise Safety clubs by KSDMA with inclusion of one of the Social Work Faculty (Mr. Rajeev MM) as member is read out in the inaugural function on 9th October ’12. It seems to be a good sign towards the future collaboration between department of  Social Work, Amritapuri campus and KSDMA. The Road show attracted lot of   people in all the districts and received a good coverage by press and other media.


Report by: Mr. V.S. Kochukrishna Kurup

Photos: Jobylal, Nisanth M. Pillai, Veena Suresh


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