Eye Camp at Govt.Old age Home , Kollam

In today’s world people are very busy due to various reasons the main one being money-making or work. There are some people who only care about money and think their parent as a burden. Some people are forced to be involved in money making for their living. Even if they wish to its difficult to look after their parents.Department of Social work always at the service of these agencies on need.As part of the concurrent social work field practices, Trainees conducted different programme in old age home.



HIV & AIDS Awareness Campaigning, that takes place on the broader society to educate the public about the impact of HIV and AIDS on young people and to highlight the work young people are doing across the country to respond to the epidemic.Department social work trainees organised HIV AIDS campaigning on 14/11/2015 at karunagapaplly ICDS 56,Panikerkadavu .

Counselling Program 2015

Many people will, at some point in their lives, find themselves in the role of a counsellor without having a true understanding of the concept of counselling or what the role of the professional counsellor entails.There is a big difference between a professional counsellor and a person who uses some counselling skills as part of their role, for example their role as a friend or colleague. A professional counsellor is a highly trained individual who is able to use a different range of counselling approaches with their clients.With the help of Professionally trained people , Department is extending its outreach activities to a broader society by organising a program for Non – Academic professionals .Counselling is a helping approach that highlights the emotional and intellectual experience of a client, how a client is feeling and what they think about the problem they have sought help for. This program really helps the participants to know about Counselling skills needed for a normal person , Which will help them on there day to day life.

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Orientation Visit 2015

Department Organised the first Orientation visit 2015 at Gandhi Bhavan ,Pathnapuram.is a registered, charitable, non-profitable organization. The Trust started its activities in the year 2005. Within a short span of 9 years the organization could achieve name and fame among non-governmental organizations in Kerala as well as in India. The Trust is actively engaged in charitable and socio-cultural service activities. Many philanthropists, social workers and kind-hearted people contributed physically, financially and with prayer for the overall development of the organization. Since the activities of the Trust are unique in all fields, it is being noticed by the Government and leaders in Society right from its inception.Last 5 years our department is a frequent visitors .

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Essentials of Social Workers

In Amritapuri Campus we engage all new comers for a grooming session called ” Essentials of Social work Profession ” to Fulfil the role and responsibility of thesocial worker – set objectives and key performance indicators and agree development needs with your profession through activity based learning All social workers need to develop through exprience , in that Much of their learning comes from activity based experience,but a great fundamental training course can accelerate their development and act as ‘the short cut to experience’. Successful team achieve their objectives by developing and inspiring team members to have confidence in themselves and in each other. The use of interactive and engaging exercises and a variety of practical learning methods equip participants with the skills to help their team members reach maximum potential. Budding social workers will also have the opportunity to exchange ideas with their supervisors and faculties 

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AServe Internship at Wayanad

Amma has said that villages are India’s foundation – its life-force-and that it is society’s responsibility to take care of them. M.A Math launched the adoption of 101 villages, throughout India, with the aim of helping them become self-reliant and thriving.Under Amrita University’s programme, Amrita Social Work students ,Amritapuri Campus again had the unique opportunity to participate in internship program arranged by Aserve.
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Kerala Association for Professional Social Work

KAPS – The department is happy to inform you that our Senior Faculty member .Shri .Kochu Krishna Kurup has been selected as the executive member for KAPS kollamChapter.The Executive Members of KAPS ( Kerala Association of Professional Social Workers)are — with Jinesh Lal, Abdul Rahiman, Benoy Kattayil, Jobi Babu, Jose Meletukochyil, Mathew PM, Prasant Palakkappillil, Honey Dileep, James K Augustine, Cherian Parekadavil Kurien, Anish KR and Kochukrishna Kurup.KAPS